Professor Khudiram Das was a well-known scholar, educationist, authority on Rabindra literature and linguistic expert. His diverse and novel literary creations were applauded by many distinguished personalities and were revered among the literary community. His innumerable achievement speaks volume of his rare talent. This website is an effort to preserve and publicize the legacy of this brilliant author and literary figure for posterity. Explore the website to learn more about his creations, life, and achievements.

Numerous Trophy Winner

Gold Medalist

Hon'ble Titles Holder

Know About Professor Khudiram Das

he was an educationist, litterateur and linguist. He had received lots of awards, gold medals and titles and those are the honours that define him today. He was an author and he wrote many books which were applauded by many bright personalities of those days. You can find and know more of him in this website so that he lives in our literary minds.